Ellis, Mike wrote:
Thanks for the note and discussion jerry...

I'm not a huge fan of LU (historical bagage on my part I guess) I recently 
started seeing its use as a some sort of means to an end.

The interesting thing is that what you're proposing here (which is much more of an "patch-upgrade" 
than an "upgrade-update", appears to remove the "can't have your zone-root on zfs" 
limitation. (You mentioned in a previous note that this is how you were testing things)

So while this method won't help with "actual os upgrades" the ability to use zfs to assist with offline patching, migration to newer-patched servers, and zfs-snap/clone based backouts is ubelievably HUGE. Anyone who is rolling zones in prod will happily attest to that I think. Please let us know if you need any customer support to adjust any priorities etc surrounding this project.


Thanks for your comments.  On the team, we all realize that there is
a lot of value with this capability.  I don't think I need any
customer support per se.  I have been working on prototyping this
and I do have a working prototype although I still need to do a bit
more work on it.  Perhaps something that would be helpful at some
point is to have people try the prototype out in their own environments
and give us feedback.  Although this doesn't seem to warrant a
full blown opensolaris project, being able to work together with
interested folks on this would be beneficial.  I think I should
probably get the ARC review done before we start doing that, in case
there are issues in the ARC review that we need to address first.

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