Ellis, Mike wrote:
I like your eaxample... Good way to go if you can't swing the zones over to
some other server for import/attach/upgrade.

How would you envision backing out of the newbe environment if (after doing
the zoneimport +upgrade) you decide you want to back out and boot to the
pre-lu root-environment?

Perhaps zone-clone would be useful here, expanding on MikeG's sequence:

lucreate -n newbe ...

for zone in $allzones ; do
   zoneadm -z $zone halt
   zoneadm -z $clone clone $zone
   zoneadm -z $clone detach

luupgrade -t -n newbe -s /tmp/10_Recommended ...
luactivate newbe
init 6

for zone in $allzones ; do
   zoneadm -z $zone attach -u
   zoneadm -z $zone boot

There are some steps missing, but you get the idea. The original zone in the original BE was never detached - it is still bootable. And there is no danger of the orignial and newly updated zone being booted at the same time because they are in different BE's.

This is a slightly different spin on a method I developed for implementing provisioning of many instances of zones that will run the same app. Install and tune once, then clone, detach, move to another system, configure system-specific info like NIC name and IP address, and attach.

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