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Dennis wrote:
> Hi,
> a friend of mine has written a P2P application in Java as a master thesis. 
> Now we want to setup a testing configuration using containers to simulate the 
> function of each node. Therefore I have several question, any help is 
> appreciated
> - We are planning to test 1000 nodes (=containers) on a 2 GB RAM Athlon Dual 
> Core 4.2 GHz machine. Is that possible?
> - Each container should be a sparse zone that contains no application but a 
> JRE. How do I create one of these?
> - Each node has its own IP adress
> - To simulate it as realistic as possible, we want to give each node a 
> certain bandwith with crossbow. Is that possible with the lo interface or 
> only with an external nic?

You can not use lo as a NIC for exclusive IP instances, and I 
doubt you will be able to create VNICs on top of it either. Note 
that VNICs have not be putback into OpenSolaris yet. They are 
still BFUed onto an older version of Nevada.

> - What is the recommended way to examine the traffic on a vnic if possible, 
> or on each container?

Snoop from within the zone will work on any interface assigned to 
zone with an exclusive IP Instance.

You can snoop all links from the global zone. VNICs on the same 
interface do not have the traffic between zones leave the system, 
so this requieres integration with filter hooks, which should be 
the case by the time VNIC is putback.

> - Is there a way to check if a certain file is read or written in a container 
> directory from the global zone?

DTrace would allow you to do that. You will be able to determine 
which process from the pid when the read/write happens.

Due to the number of clients you wish to use, it might be better 
to simulate this with multiple clients in a single process/JVM, 
to reduce the overhead associated with each instance. If the 
client code can bind the source address (I know how to do that in 
C, but not in Java), you could easily simulate 1000 clients in a 
small number of processes. No technical reason why you would need 
more than one, actually. there may be practical reasons. It 
depends on what you are trying to test.


> Thanks for your help!
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