a friend of mine has written a P2P application in Java as a master thesis. Now 
we want to setup a testing configuration using containers to simulate the 
function of each node. Therefore I have several question, any help is 

- We are planning to test 1000 nodes (=containers) on a 2 GB RAM Athlon Dual 
Core 4.2 GHz machine. Is that possible?
- Each container should be a sparse zone that contains no application but a 
JRE. How do I create one of these?
- Each node has its own IP adress
- To simulate it as realistic as possible, we want to give each node a certain 
bandwith with crossbow. Is that possible with the lo interface or only with an 
external nic?
- What is the recommended way to examine the traffic on a vnic if possible, or 
on each container?
- Is there a way to check if a certain file is read or written in a container 
directory from the global zone?

Thanks for your help!
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