Hi everyone, sorry not to get back sooner. 

Gael asked:
Was your zone up and running during the patching ? 
Yes!  And the patch instilation went with out a hitch.

Enda asked:
1 How did you apply the patch i.e. in Single mode with zones halted
or were the zones running?
No, in multi-user mode, with the zone running.

2 What rev of 119254 was installed when this patch was installed.
The patch installed was 119254-01, this is the first, so no rev's.

3 Is SUNWcctpx installed in the non global zone? 
Ahhh good question, jeffv asked that too NO!

4 Do you have the patchadd output for this patch? 
Unfortunatly no, i let it blow by on the screen.

Finally, jeffv, your question was:
Is pkg SUNWcctpx installed in the zone?
No!  Which may be the answer, if the main package is not installed in the NGZ,
there is no reason that a patch for that package would be installed in the NGZ.

Therefore this is a feature, not a bug.

But it does bring up a question, how come all the patches from the GZ,
are not included in the NGZ???

Thank you,
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