F.V.(Phil)Porcella wrote:
> Hi everyone, sorry not to get back sooner. 
> Gael asked:
> Was your zone up and running during the patching ? 
> Yes!  And the patch instilation went with out a hitch.
> Enda asked:
> 1 How did you apply the patch i.e. in Single mode with zones halted
> or were the zones running?
> No, in multi-user mode, with the zone running.
> 2 What rev of 119254 was installed when this patch was installed.
> The patch installed was 119254-01, this is the first, so no rev's.
> 3 Is SUNWcctpx installed in the non global zone? 
> Ahhh good question, jeffv asked that too NO!
> 4 Do you have the patchadd output for this patch? 
> Unfortunatly no, i let it blow by on the screen.
> Finally, jeffv, your question was:
> Is pkg SUNWcctpx installed in the zone?
> No!  Which may be the answer, if the main package is not installed in the NGZ,
> there is no reason that a patch for that package would be installed in the 
> NGZ.
> Therefore this is a feature, not a bug.
> But it does bring up a question, how come all the patches from the GZ,
> are not included in the NGZ???
When applying patches, it is vital that you have the most up to date 
patchutils patch installed, currently we are at rev 38.
If you had applied rev 38, then 122231( and it's required patch 
121453-02, which would have installed SUNWcctpx ) the package SUNWcctpx 
would have been installed in the NGZ, and hence 122231 woudl also have 
installed in the NGZ.

121453-02 actually delivers SUNWcctpx, and on my machine, this gets 
installed to the NGZ, but you must have the latest patch utils installed.

Also, make sure to always run patchadd -a <patchid> before actually 
runnign patchadd <patchid>

the -a will do a dryrun, boot any zones, check any dependencies and if 
thre are fatal problerms it will inform you, but no software is installed
basically it just does a dryrun, it might not find all isuues, but will 
certainly find some types of issues ( unbootable zones, missing 
dependencies )


> Thank you,
> Phil
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