F.V.(Phil)Porcella wrote:
> Hi everyone, sorry not to get back sooner. 
> Finally, jeffv, your question was:
> Is pkg SUNWcctpx installed in the zone?
> No!  Which may be the answer, if the main package is not installed in the NGZ,
> there is no reason that a patch for that package would be installed in the 
> NGZ.
> Therefore this is a feature, not a bug.
> But it does bring up a question, how come all the patches from the GZ,
> are not included in the NGZ???

These questions might help:

If a package has not been installed in a zone, why should a patch for that 
package be applied to that zone?  Should patchadd apply a patch to a zone even 
if the package is not there?  What would it patch (i.e. what files should it 

Further, imagine a system without zones.  If you attempt to install a patch to 
a package which has not been installed on the system, the patch attempt will 
fail.  The message will be of the form:

          Package not patched:
          Original package not installed

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