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> Thank you Mike.
> Please let me know which services (via rc or SMF) got affected by this.
> Mainly if they belong to OS or Infrastructure software or applications?


If you have NFS mounts via /etc/vfstab or the automounter, the mounts
may fail during zone boot because of DNS, NIS, LDAP lookups and/or
actual mount requests getting "no such route" errors.

During zone shutdown the IP address will get taken away before the
zone shutdown begins, making it impossible for apps running in the
zone to shutdown cleanly.  There are other problems (bugs) in this
area that may or may not be fixed in the version of Solaris you are
running that will cause the zone shutdown to fail.  This failure may
require a reboot of the global zone to recover.

* NIS, LDAP, etc.

Name service lookups that may be required for applications to start
may fail or behave differently.  For example, if you are using NIS or
LDAP for a name service for "passwd", the equivalents of passwd,
shadow, user_attr, prof_attr, etc. in the name service will be
searched.  Depending on the configuration of nsswitch.conf, initial
startup may say "I can't get to the network name service, so let's
assume that files is sufficient".  If you restart the app at some
other time via "svcadm restart" (or access the account via "su -
user", login, etc.) you will likely be able to get to the shared name
services and entries in there may make it so that various account
attributes are different.

* Application-specific

There are likely many variants of this...  Suppose you have an
application server that connects to a database at startup.  Further
suppose various apps in the server may not be written well, the
application server needs to be restarted whenever the database
connection is lost (e.g. database bounced).  When this app server
starts up, it will likely (sometimes) fail to connect to the database.
 As such, you will have to restart the app server after VCS brings up
the IP address.

This is not a comprehensive list.  It is just a sampling of the types
of things that I ran into or could see as likely failure modes when
trying to get VCS (and similar service groups in VAD) to work with


Mike Gerdts
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