On 9/26/07, Nicolas Williams <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Why do you think we limit usernames to 8 characters still?  It's because
> of things like ps(1) and ls(1) that like to use fixed-width columns.

But they aren't limited to 8 characters. Usernames can be longer.
Even worse is the lack of consistency - as I recall ps -u looks
at the first 10 characters of a username when looking for a match.
We need to get rid of this, once and for all.

> Note: each zone has its own user/group name/ID namespaces.

I know that. In most of my cases, though, all use the same
nameservice, so that the uid-username mapping is consistent
and if you run ps/top/prstat/whatever in the global zone then
the usernames reported are accurate.

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