On 10/30/07, Norm Jacobs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm not on zones-discuss, but this was forwarded to me.  It sounds like
> you created a local print queue for your network attached printer in
> your source zone.  When you clone that zone, the printers.conf file
> entry in the new zone references the hostname of the source zone, so the
> print commands try and contact the print service in the source zone
> instead of the current zone.  You can fix this by configuring a queue
> for your printer in the global zone (or on another system) and then
> configuring access to the "remote" queue.

It seems as though printers.conf could point to localhost in the
"master" zone and the clones would then also point to their respective
selves.  Is there something broken with that approach?

Mike Gerdts
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