I'm not on zones-discuss, but this was forwarded to me.  It sounds like 
you created a local print queue for your network attached printer in 
your source zone.  When you clone that zone, the printers.conf file 
entry in the new zone references the hostname of the source zone, so the 
print commands try and contact the print service in the source zone 
instead of the current zone.  You can fix this by configuring a queue 
for your printer in the global zone (or on another system) and then 
configuring access to the "remote" queue.


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> [zones-discuss] Cloned zones and printers - redux
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> Phil Freund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Tue, 30 Oct 2007 11:59:47 -0700 (PDT)
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> Let's try this again. Maybe someone won't hijack this thread this time.
> I just ran across an odd issue. I have a default network printer I setup for 
> all of my zones. I added that printer to the zone I use as a source for 
> cloning new zones with no problem and it prints fine. I can create new zones 
> from the source zone that has the printer defined in it with no problem.
> Now here's the oddity: As long as the original source zone is booted, I can 
> print to the printer that was in the original source zone. If the source zone 
> is shutdown, I cannot print to that printer and the print request hangs in 
> the queue. As a matter of fact, if I issue lpstat -o with the source zone up, 
> it returns immediately but if the source zone is down, the lpstat -o command 
> waits at least 30 seconds to respond. If I delete the printer from the new 
> zone and re-add it, it works normally without any dependency on the source 
> zone.
> Does anyone have any ideas about why this is happening? If this is expected 
> behavior, shouldn't it be documented somewhere with a warning?
> Phil
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