I am wondering if the following setup on S10u4 with local zones will work, or 
can be made to work.
The setup is meant be used as a backend for a loadbalancer which uses the 
direct-return method,
that is, no NAT but the balanced service talks directly to the client.

In all zones running a service I confgure the same IP address on a vni 
interface, I know you can configure a single IP only on a single interface, 
AFAIK that means that I cannot run more than one instance of the same  service 
on a single global zone.

The local zones will not get a 'real' interface configured, only the vni 
The global zone has a real interface configured with a real IP address.
The loadbalancer will use host routing to direct traffic to the correct global 

My theoretical setup would have this set of addresses and routes configured:

Host 1:
global zone   bge0
zone1          vni1
zone2          vni2
zone3          vni3 

  Host 2:
global zone   bge0
zone1          vni1
zone2          vni2
zone3          vni3 

Default routes would be the same on both hosts, destinations would be and

What would happen if the load balancer would send a packet with destination 
address and source address some public address  on the internet the 
mac address of bge0 of host 2 ?
(the load balancer has selected as the destination for this session 
to and
did an arp for to find the mac for

Would that end up in zone 2  ? And if zone2 retrurns traffic would that end up 
on who whould be able to route it to the final destination.

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