On 3 Dec 2007, at 12:49, James Carlson wrote:

> Paul Van Der Zwan writes:
>> I'm having a problem figuring out why my ping replies never get sent.
> There's no way for any of your configured zones to transmit, so they
> don't.  "Vni" is really not much different from "lo0."  You cannot
> transmit packets on "vni" -- it's just a place to hang a local IP
> address.  That's why they say "NOXMIT" when you configure them.
>> The global zone has configured on bge0
> You need to give your zones access to bge0 if you want them to
> transmit there.  You "give access" by assigning an address on that
> interface.

What I was trying to do was have the option of running multiple  
zones, on
different hosts, configured with the same IP address on a VNI interface
so a loadbalancer can balance between different zones, each with the  
configuration as far as the application, running within the zone,is  
If I give each zone a unique address on the bge0 intf. and an  
application address
on the vni, will the zone be able to route traffic out to the client?
For example:

service address=
default gateway=
zone1 on host1 has on bge0 and on vni0
zone1 on host2 has on bge0 and on vni0

The loadbalancer routes traffic for session1 to
Would traffic from zone1 be able to go out to the internet using the  
default gateway with a source of or would the source become ( even if
the application binds to ) ?

Is there some documentation on the routing in Solaris 10 esp. in  
combination with zones ?


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