Paul van der Zwan writes:
> service address=
> default gateway=
> zone1 on host1 has on bge0 and on vni0
> zone1 on host2 has on bge0 and on vni0

That looks like a variant on the original design target for vni, so
I'd expect it to work.

> The loadbalancer routes traffic for session1 to
> Would traffic from zone1 be able to go out to the internet using the  
> default gateway
> with a source of or would the source become  
> ( even if
> the application binds to ) ?

Yes, it should be able to reach that router because the configuration
of bge0 in the zone gives it access to that subnet.

No, the system never alters a chosen source address.  The only time we
ever pick a source address is when the application itself has not
chosen one -- either it hasn't called bind() at all, or it has called
bind() and supplied an all-zeros address.

> Is there some documentation on the routing in Solaris 10 esp. in  
> combination with zones ?

Besides the man pages and, there's some useful
information in the FAQ:

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