[Sorry for cross-posting, but I think either list can provide the
 solution I'm looking for.]

I have been up all night researching zones and ZFS for a particular
project we are going to build soon. It's going to feature the latest
and greatest of OpenSolaris, and use ofcourse ZFS pool to manage the
available disk without allowing disk device files in the zones.

The thing I want to be done (sorry if this is a really stupid question,
but I'm a bit of a newbie in ZFS and zones, althought I like the concept
a lot!), is to create a pool, say pool/home, and then have that pool
mounted read write in a couple of zones running probably OpenSolaris
on Nexenta, depending on the breaks. So my question is, is it possible
to mount the pool/home pool to several different zones? I've been trying
just about every concievable name combination in google, but haven't
found a definitive answer. The thing is, one zone is going to run sendmail/
postfix/whatever, that stores the mail in the /home/$user/Maildir. Then
there'll be another zone that runs some imap server application, like
Dovecot for example, and it reads the mail from /home/$user/Maildir.
Can this be done with ZFS?

Reading documentation on the net, I came to wonder about this kind of
host# zfs create pool/home
host# zonecfg -z myzone
> add dataset
dataset> set name=pool/home
dataset> end
> ^D
host# zoneadm -z myzone boot
host# zlogin myzone

myzone# zfs set mountpoint=/home pool/home

Will this work? I'm sorry, but I don't have a OpenSolaris machine on
to test this theory. Any pointers to documentation that explains things
would be greatly appreciated!

warm regards, and have a nice 2008,
Bo Granlund

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