Al Hopper wrote:
> It's not recommended practice to modify the zone config files directly 
> (bad boy James!).

Bad boy Al for making an unwarranted assumption about what
I have or have not done!

> While configuring the zone you can do this:
> add fs
> set dir=/tanku/home
> set special=/tanku/home
> set type=lofs
> set options=nodevices
> end
> commit

which is exactly what I've been doing.

> My preference is to add the user in the zone using useradd with no 
> "-m" or "-d" switch, and then followup by setting the /etc/passwd 
> entry to /tanku/home/username and avoid using the /export/home and /home 
> conventions. This leaves open the possibility of some NFS mounts 
> later.

All of which is a workaround for the essential problem that
we don't have a easy and obvious way of adding users to zones
from the command line unless you use the webconsole thingy.

James C. McPherson
Senior Kernel Software Engineer, Solaris
Sun Microsystems
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