Bo Granlund wrote:
> Hi,
> [Sorry for cross-posting, but I think either list can provide the
>  solution I'm looking for.]
> I have been up all night researching zones and ZFS for a particular
> project we are going to build soon. It's going to feature the latest
> and greatest of OpenSolaris, and use ofcourse ZFS pool to manage the
> available disk without allowing disk device files in the zones.
> The thing I want to be done (sorry if this is a really stupid question,
> but I'm a bit of a newbie in ZFS and zones, althought I like the concept
> a lot!), is to create a pool, say pool/home, and then have that pool
> mounted read write in a couple of zones running probably OpenSolaris
> on Nexenta, depending on the breaks. So my question is, is it possible
> to mount the pool/home pool to several different zones? I've been trying
> just about every concievable name combination in google, but haven't
> found a definitive answer. The thing is, one zone is going to run sendmail/
> postfix/whatever, that stores the mail in the /home/$user/Maildir. Then
> there'll be another zone that runs some imap server application, like
> Dovecot for example, and it reads the mail from /home/$user/Maildir.
> Can this be done with ZFS?
> Reading documentation on the net, I came to wonder about this kind of
> solution
> host# zfs create pool/home
> host# zonecfg -z myzone
>> add dataset
> dataset> set name=pool/home
> dataset> end
>> ^D
> host# zoneadm -z myzone boot
> host# zlogin myzone
> myzone# zfs set mountpoint=/home pool/home

I think you're on the right track. Here's what I have in my
global zone:

$ zfs list sink/home
sink/home  6.68G  59.9G  6.68G  /export/home

$ zfs get mountpoint sink/home
sink/home  mountpoint  /export/home  local

set with "zfs set mountpoint=/export/home sink/home"

Then in each of my zones, I have this in the zone config file:

   <filesystem special="/export/home/jmcp" directory="/export/home/jmcp" 
     <fsoption name="rw"/>

So then in each zone's /etc/auto_home I have

jmcp    localhost:/export/home/jmcp

James C. McPherson
Senior Kernel Software Engineer, Solaris
Sun Microsystems
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