>  There is a document at bigadmin:
>  http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/sundocs/articles/sluonngzones.jsp
>  which describes the whole process. Also please remember that
>  Live Upgrade with zones requires patches mentioned in sunsolve
>  document:
>  http://sunsolve.sun.com/search/document.do?assetkey=1-9-72099-1


Thank you for the links.  From the bigadmin article it looks like I
should have tried the luactivate right after the lumake to make sure
the zones were working at that point before adding the uncertainties
of patching first and then doing luactivate.  I'll try the luactivate
sooner in my process when I get approval to take the box offline

>From that patches link it seems that I am up to date with everything
there.  Though I do see the following ones are newer than what is on
that list:

119254 51 < 52 RS-   5 SunOS 5.10: Install and Patch Utilities Patch
124630 14 < 15 ---   1 SunOS 5.10: System Administration Applications,
Network, and Core
120272 16 < 18 RS-  13 SunOS 5.10: SMA patch

I'll try updating those in the global zone first before doing any of
the LU commands.

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