Apologies if my search-fu failed me and the answer is out there.

I have a box with 1 hme and 8 qfe interfaces.  I would normally used exclusive 
IP zones, but that is not possible with these non-gldv3 driven interfaces, so I 
am forced to use shared IP zones.  

hme0 is configured on the host with a 10.x.x.x address.  This is the only IP 
address to be used on the global zone.

Each shared-ip zone is to have two of the physical qfe addresses assigned to 
it, in two different subnets, one public, one the same 10.x.x.x as in the 

I have searched, and can not find the answer to this question:

Do the qfe's all have to have to be plumbed and have an assigned IP address in 
the global zone separate from the IP address assigned in the non-global zone 
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