James Carlson wrote:
> Matthew Taylor writes:
>> Do you know if plumbing all the qfe's without assigning an IP address will 
>> persist across reboots of the base system?  Never tried that on Solaris 
>> (works on LINUX iirc, but you have to enter the info in a script).
> This will make plumbing persist across reboot for qfe0 through qfe3:
>   touch /etc/hostname.qfe0 /etc/hostname.qfe1
>   touch /etc/hostname.qfe2 /etc/hostname.qfe3
> Not sure if that's what you were after, though.  (More context needed ...)

Thats true. I find must users are trying to do something like this 
diagram shows 
replacing VLANs with discrete NICs, and web, auth, and app with what 
ever services they are trying to run.

Matthew, if that is not the case, a description would be very handy


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