Matthew Taylor wrote:
> Thank you, and to those who replied off line as well.  I will try it out and 
> report back on my success (or not) in the morning.
> It does strike me that this should be in the docs.  I have gone through 
> 817-1592-15, the Zones admin guide, and find little to nothing on what the 
> configuration of the global zone should be to enable shared-ip.  I can't be 
> the only one to want to use otherwise not in use physical nics.

Its not in the docs because (AFAIK) it is not a test, and thus not 
supported, configuration. As I state or paraphrase it, because of the 
shared IP, the expectation is that the global and non-global zones are 
on the same subnet. Many deployments want to have the global, or system 
administrative, zone on a separate admin network, and the non-global 
zones on the service networks. The original implementation, and dare I 
say design [1], was not to that. And as I have been repeatedly told by 
folks who know the routing very well, trying to get routing to do the 
right thing and what users would like it to do may be very difficult in 
a single IP instance.

IP Instances is in place to help address that, but as you have found 
out, unfortunately it does not work with all NICs (in Solaris and in 
OpenSolaris prior to b84).

I have been reading the design doc recently and need to look back at the 
networking part to be sure.



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