I was using the patch cluster from June 3.
I read all the README's for that patch cluster and there wasn't
anything about upgrading patch utilities first - which patches are

At this point I can't roll back and see exactly what patches were on
the system without going back to tape, but it hadn't been patched in
a while. A more recently built and patched S10u3 server didn't have
the same problems.

On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 7:49 AM, Henrik Johansson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Jun 29, 2008, at 10:57 AM, Enda O'Connor wrote:
>> Hi
>> When was this, or to be precise what rev of patch utils was
>> installed,119254/11955 SPARC/x86.
>> Patching zones on zfs is supported at this point.
>> Did you report this, what errors did you see etc.
>> The original doc mentioned patch and upgrade, most recent mentions
>> upgrade only.as not being supported.
>> If you install 119254/119255 currently on sunsolve, patching zones on
>> zfs will work, or if it doesn't then you need to report it, as it's
>> a bug.
>> Enda
>> Elizabeth Schwartz wrote:
>>> It is NOT resolved in Solaris 10 u3, although the patch documentation
>>> does imply otherwise. . I built some zones on zfs root paths under u3
>>> and when I tried to install the 10_Recommended patch cluster, it
>>> bombed out at patch 120011-14. I ended up having to blow away all the
>>> zones, patch, and rebuild.
>>> Note that the original documentation only said that building zones
>>> with zfs zonepath would cause a problem with *upgrade*; it now talks
>>> about upgrade and *patching*. (Solaris patching seems to do more
>>> upgrading than it once did...)
> 120011-14 is a deferred-activation patch, they did not work on ZFS
> before 119254-46 (6581814), i've had the same problem. As Enda said,
> it will probably work with the latest version of this patch.
> I've look at the latest recommended cluster, 119254-53 is patch no 14
> in the patch_order file, and 120011-14 is patch no 30, do you have the
> latest recommended cluster?
> Regards
> Henrik
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