Steve Lawrence wrote:
> My guess is that your zones lack /var/ruby.*

Thanks for the reply,

My zones in fact do have /var/ruby* and I can list and view the files
which it tells me don't exist.

> Did you install ruby+friends in the global zone using packages, from
> a tar file, or from source compilation?  A package install from the global
> zone should install the package contents into all zones, properly handling
> /usr verses /var.

My ruby is installed from the OpenSolaris installer when the system was
built, the only thing I have manually installed was a handful of gems
which I did with the "gem" command.

> If your means of installation insists on writing to /usr/ruby, they you
> could create a writeable /usr/ruby filesystem (using zonecfg add fs) so
> that you can install ruby into every zone.  Adding a lofs filesystem, that
> maps to a directory in the global zone, is straightfoward.

I could do that, I just thought it was odd that although the files are
there, ruby (or gem) doesn't think they are. This indicates to me that
whatever metadata ruby uses to manage the gem collection isn't being
copied to the zones.

So basically I'm either going to wait for someone to help track down the
  ruby-zones-gems problem, or I can install ruby, rubygems and my gems
from source for each zone?


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