I've got an opensolaris box running several websites from mongrel 
clusters, and I'd like to have each site's cluster running in an 
isolated zone.

I've been through the administrative guides and FAQs pertaining to zones 
and managed to get a zone created and running without problems.

The problem I'm having is that although the zone is sharing /usr and 
/var, the zone cannot use any of the ruby gems that I have installed.

For example I've installed mongrel, rails, capistrano and all 
dependencies into the global zone and they work perfectly.

Unfortunately when I try to use these gems from within the non-global 
zone I get "gem not found errors" like so:

$ mongrel_rails cluster::start
`report_activate_error': Could not find RubyGem mongrel (> 0) 

Of course I can't re-install the gems from the zone as /usr and /var are 
not writable from there.

Does anyone have any experience with running ruby gems from zones and 
might be able to give me some guidance with this?

Many Thanks

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