Le 2 oct. 08 à 22:00, Moore, Joe a écrit :
> The other way that the global zone identity normally leaks through  
> to the non-global zones is through the system's hostid.  So if you  
> compare the output of `/usr/bin/hostid` with `for e in  
> $allglobalzones ; do ssh $e /usr/bin/hostid ; done`, you can easily  
> see which global zone matches your local.
> That's also a way for your application administrators (using  
> application-level clustering) to verify that they are not running on  
> the same physical node.  If their hostids are different, they're  
> different.

Ok. Then you know they're running on different global zones...but you  
can't find which if you don't have access to them.

> A small matter of programming would put the global zones' hostids  
> into an accessible web page for public review and matching.
> Personally, we've defined a DNS alias for <zonename>-vh to point to  
> the global zone for each of our local zones.  That way we can `ssh  
> www-zh zoneadm -z www reboot` easily.

Interesting.  Why don't ssh to the non-global ?

`ssh www init 6`


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