Nicolas Dorfsman wrote:
> > Personally, we've defined a DNS alias for <zonename>-vh to point to
> > the global zone for each of our local zones.  That way we can `ssh
> > www-zh zoneadm -z www reboot` easily.
> Interesting.  Why don't ssh to the non-global ?
> `ssh www init 6`

That assumes several things that zoneadm reboot does not require:

1) that SSH is working on www and can create new processes to kick init.
2) that SSH is configured so that our global zone operators are allowed to log 
in to the www zone directly
3) that we actually want to take the zone down nicely, by going through the rc 
scripts to runlevel 0 and back

But yes, those are in general good things to assume.  Unless the zone is 
peculiarly wedged.  By all means, please try to take the zone down cleanly 
rather than hitting it with the Big Hammer.  Just like you should kill without 
the -9 before you resort to -9.  (Or echo '$<systemdump' | mdb -kw)

Really, the order should be
ssh www init 6
ssh www-vh zlogin www init 6
ssh www-vh zlogin -S www init 6
before you
ssh www-vh zoneadm -z www reboot

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