When running OpenSolaris as a VirtualBox guest, the DHCP service is 
provided by the VirtualBox process. I don't know if VirtualBox will 
respond to requests from multiple guest NICs if your host only has one 
active NIC. If it does, then you should be able to follow this procedure 
described in Steffen Weiberle's blog:

Anyway, this seems to be more of a question about VirtualBox networking, 
than zones.


Arun Gupta wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> That might be it and I'm new to all this :)
> End goal: Configure 2 non-global zones in a Open Solaris Virtual Box 
> image and assign them addresses using DHCP server running in Global zone.
> What exact command would serve that purpose ?
> -Arun
> Bill Walker wrote:
>> Maybe I am missing something here, but wouldn't it be easier to do that 
>> kind of thing with zonecfg?  Unless you are changing some other settings 
>> other than the IP...  Just trying to understand the end result you are 
>> looking for.
>> bill.
>> Arun Gupta wrote:
>>> I'm looking for simple instructions to install zones, configure them
>>> as DHCP clients to the DHCP server in global zone (all in an
>>> OpenSolaris VM using Virtual Bx). The documentation at
>>> seems to quite involving
>>> and keeps referring to multiple pointers instead of providing
>>> consolidated docs.
>>> Are these instructions available any where ?

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