Hi James,

Can you explain what is "exclusive stack instance" mean in this context ?

Will creating zones in a Virtual Box image qualify as that ?


James Carlson wrote:
> Bill Walker writes:
>> If you are really needing DHCP for some reason, I'll defer to others 
>> with more experience in those realms.
> The only supported way to do this today is to use exclusive stack
> instance zones ("set ip-type = exclusive").  It would be nice to have
> DHCP supported as an option for interface configuration via zoneadmd,
> and the DHCP client has the features necessary to make this work, but
> that feature hasn't been added to Zones.
> RFE 5005887 also covered this case, but it was closed out when the
> exclusive stack instance feature was integrated, and I don't think a
> new RFE was ever opened.

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