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> Hello
> Got a zone running SAS with cpu capping enabled using a processor set as we
> see a few processes using quite a bit of cpu there too often.

Is that zone assigned to a resource pool, or is it using the
dedicated-cpus feature?

> When the process is running (chewing 100% of its pset), the frame nic (server 
> is a E2900 with a ce interface) is dropping 20-30 % of its packets
> causing a headache.

My first guess is that the NICs interrupts are going to a CPU that the
zone is using, and the CPU doesn't have enough power to run the zone's
workload *and* be an effective NIC interrupt handler.

Please run the "intrstat" command as root in the global zone, to
determine which CPU is handling interrupts for that NIC. Also, check
which CPU(s) that zone can use.

Please let us know what you learn from those.

> Doesn't appear to be a network load issue. Not a lot happening there visibly.
> With Solaris 10 u4 or u6, what elegant way would you recommend to avoid that
> disruption caused by a single zone ?
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> Gael
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