> 1. Do you use "set pool=" anymore, now that the dedicated-cpu feature exists?

Until Oracle develops a more rational licensing scheme you should
expect this feature to be in use.   I may have many Oracle instances,
each in a separate zone, using the same pool.   The sampling on this
discussion list may not give you a good idea of its use.   Might
pose this question on your blog as well ?

That said, this requires manual configuration of the pool.   I don't
think it would be asking too much for customers using this feature
to also set up a boot time service (SMF or RC) to disable interrupts
on all CPUs in the pool.   If needed (may not always be needed).

> 2. Is it sufficient to simply disable interrupts on a zone's pset?

I like your idea of turning off interrupts for dynamic resource pools
under zoneadm/rcapd control, and leaving it a configurable item.   I
would also think that when CPUs are removed from the pool that
interrupts should be turned back on unless given to a another
pool with interrupts=disabled.   I would hate for several zone
reboots to turn off interrupts to all CPUs :-(


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