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> Some questions:
> 1. Do you use "set pool=" anymore, now that the dedicated-cpu feature
> exists?
We got over one hundred physical frames running zones here, covering nearly
all versions of Solaris 10, we are currently sticking to set pool until we
can get the whole environment upgraded. Before that, cannot afford to have
the whole team of admins handling zones differently depending on the OS
version. Headache...

> 2. Is it sufficient to simply disable interrupts on a zone's pset?

In our case, we do pset only when licensing requires it (aka
oracle,datastage,sybase,borland apps) or when the applications behave poorly
and we keep hearing that by lack of budget/resources, the issue cannot be
addressed and without direct impact on the business itself, nothing will

What about creating an IO pset, and then disabling the interrupt on
everything else while using it as a FSS pool or psets pools ? Very similar
to ldom I would think...


Gael Martinez
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