As far as I'm aware the latest Lu patches remove this restriction 121430-xx, but I have cc'ed the zfs team for some guidance.


Alexander Skwar wrote:

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 19:55, Nicolas Dorfsman <n...@unikservice.eu> wrote:

    Le 6 avr. 09 à 19:35, Alexander Skwar a écrit :

        On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 13:46, Nicolas Dorfsman
        <n...@unikservice.eu> wrote:

                  I'm waiting for some patch to allow non-local zones to
            be located out of the rpool before upgrading my customer
            mainframe (s/mainframe/sf15k/).

                  Is there anybody here who knows if or when it'd be
            available ?

        Is it not allowed to have non-global zones on an arbitrary
        zpool? Who says so?

        I'm curious, because my zone roots are NOT located on
        rpool and things *seem* to work fine. Or am I running into
        some sort of problem by doing this?

    You could read :

I *could* :)

    In other words : if you never apply patchs, everything's fine.  If
    you'd like to patch, you may need to use some trick (like detaching
    zone and re-attaching them on a OS supporting your conf).

Thanks a lot, I wasn't actually aware of that limitation.

Learn something new every day... :/

    So...now we're friend you and me, waiting for a patch.  :)

Yes, seems like. Thanks a lot for reading the important part to
me. I appreciate it!

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