121430-33 (or higher) supports ZFS root with ZFS zonepaths (each in their own zpools). Been testing this extensively as a POC and it works, lucreate plus patching. We did file bug 6819838 on preservation of mountpoint settings after lucreate when set at the zfs level vs. zpool level, but other than that pleased with the functionality. I believe the restriction is that you MUST use ZFS root and not UFS root w/ ZFS zones.


Enda O'Connor wrote:
As far as I'm aware the latest Lu patches remove this restriction 121430-xx, but I have cc'ed the zfs team for some guidance.


Alexander Skwar wrote:

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 19:55, Nicolas Dorfsman <n...@unikservice.eu> wrote:

    Le 6 avr. 09 à 19:35, Alexander Skwar a écrit :

        On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 13:46, Nicolas Dorfsman
        <n...@unikservice.eu> wrote:

                  I'm waiting for some patch to allow non-local zones to
            be located out of the rpool before upgrading my customer
            mainframe (s/mainframe/sf15k/).

                  Is there anybody here who knows if or when it'd be
            available ?

        Is it not allowed to have non-global zones on an arbitrary
        zpool? Who says so?

        I'm curious, because my zone roots are NOT located on
        rpool and things *seem* to work fine. Or am I running into
        some sort of problem by doing this?

    You could read :

I *could* :)

    In other words : if you never apply patchs, everything's fine.  If
    you'd like to patch, you may need to use some trick (like detaching
    zone and re-attaching them on a OS supporting your conf).

Thanks a lot, I wasn't actually aware of that limitation.

Learn something new every day... :/

    So...now we're friend you and me, waiting for a patch.  :)

Yes, seems like. Thanks a lot for reading the important part to
me. I appreciate it!

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