Dan Price wrote:
> On Thu 23 Apr 2009 at 01:06PM, Ben Rockwood wrote:
>> Jerry Jelinek wrote:
>>> Ben Rockwood wrote:
>>>> One issue I did smack into that I don't fully understand yet is the
>>>> syseventd service failing within the zone.  I'm still trying to hash out
>>>> how to solve that.
>>> Ben,
>>> The sysevent service should not run in the ngz.
>>> This is delivered in a hollow pkg with svr4 pkging.
>>> You might take a look at my p2v webrev for opensolaris.
> ...
>> Excellent!  That explains things.  I know that syseventd doesn't run in
>> zones, but in the past I've seen SMF scripts simply exiting if it was in
>> a ngz, I wasn't sure how this was handled. 
> Well, it doesn't actually explain why you're in this situation.
I missed you too Dan.  Still got that charm.

> So I'm perplexed how this service could wind up in the zone-- unless the
> variant isn't getting set properly in the image?  Or perhaps the mixing
> of a very new version of SUNWipkg with older repository contents is causing
> this to not work right...  I'm not certain.

Stated earlier, I'm using the 89 Dev repository on SX:CE snv_89.  Thats
my issue.  We can see that Mike used the same method I did but he did it
on 108 and had a much cleaner experience.

My hunch at this point is that anything 98 or newer should be pain free,
but I think 101 (to align with 2008.11) is probly a safer bet.


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