Robert Milkowski wrote:
+1 !!!

Thanks for voting for this.

Do you plan to provide S10 brand zone on top of Solaris 10 too?
This would much simplify patching and reduce downtimes when S10 zones
are being used under Sun Cluster. Actually when it comes to patching
S8/S9 branded zones are currently easier to deal with than native
zones... IIRC I saw a project proposal to address it - I'm not sure if
it is a separate project or is it under this project or if I have
imagined it...

There is currently no plan for implementing this in s10.
However, there are a couple of other projects which should
make a big improvement in patching zones on s10.  One is:

PSARC/2008/644 Parallel Patching of Zones
which was not an open case

and the other is:
PSARC/2009/173 Fasttrack for turbo-charging SVr4 package install.

Thanks again,

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