solarg writes:
> James Carlson wrote:
> > At a guess, the difference between these two machines is that
> > 'catalogue4' was likely created as a sparse-root zone, while
> > 'catalogue2' was created as a whole-root zone.  The clones of that
> > whole-root zone ('catalogue3' and 'test-drupal') use little disk
> > space, as most of it is 'referred' from 'catalogue2'.
> > 
> how do you know if a zone is "sparse" or "whole"?

On SX:CE, it would be looking at the file system list with zonecfg for

> Doing a zonecfg, i see 
> no differences between the zones, they don't contain "inherit-pkg-dir" ?

In that case, it's harder to explain what you saw.  Is it possible
that 'catalogue4' was actually created as a clone of some other zone
on that system you're comparing against?

> somebody said that it is not possible to have sparse zones in os2008.11, 
> even if "man zonecfg" doesn't say nothing about it?

I doubt it's possible to do that in the OpenSolaris distribution, as
that's not based on System V packaging.  The tools are different

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