Elizabeth Schwartz writes:
> PS was creating sparse zones with their own /usr directories a totally
> dumb idea? At the time we did it because we had apache stuff that was
> trying to poke into /usr and I wanted to allow the web developers to
> play with /usr if needed. But I'm worried that I've "broken the model"
> as far as getting this all to work.

Ouch.  The man page for zonecfg(1M) says:

     A sparse zone inherits the following directories:


     Although zonecfg allows you to remove one  of  these  as  an
     inherited directory, you should not do so. You should either
     follow the whole-root model or the sparse model; a subset of
     the sparse model is not tested and you might encounter unex-
     pected problems.

Basically, the two models that are fully tested and supported are
"sparse root" and "whole root."  Sparse root inherits all of the
directories as listed above.  Whole root inherits none of them.

You can augment those models by adding new things to inherit with a
sparse root and by doing overlay mounts of directories that do *not*
include packaged software (e.g., /usr/local can be made writable), but
removing just "some" of the things on the sparse list will likely run
you into upgrade trouble.

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