Elizabeth Schwartz writes:
> >     Although zonecfg allows you to remove one  of  these  as  an
> >     inherited directory, you should not do so. You should either
> >     follow the whole-root model or the sparse model; a subset of
> >     the sparse model is not tested and you might encounter unex-
> >     pected problems.
> I don't see /usr in that list.

Good point.  However the original issue about using a subset of the
sparse stands.  It's never tested and unlikely to work right.

> Am I just hosed? Do I need to rebuild my machines with whole-root
> zones? That's gonna eat up some space.

If you need whole-root, then that's what you'll need to do.  You may
want to check out the ZFS clone features, as that'll save a
significant amount of space.

In some cases, you don't actually need whole-root.  All you really
need are some writable directories inside the inherited mount points.
In those cases, you can set up lofs mounts to provide writable storage
to the zone.

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