Thanks for the fast response.

It'd be nice if it had some sort of *warning* if it isn't safe, I
certainly found a lot of sites suggesting that particular modification
(removing /usr as an inherited dir). I'm building zones that run
apache servers (mostly, coolstack) and the web folks have all sorts of
stuff that wants to write into /usr, not /usr/local, at least out of
the can.  And there didn't seem to be any particular reason NOT to do
this, so we've been up and running for over a year in this

Oh well, at least I've gotten pretty good at rebuilding apache zones
quick from scratch...I'll give the detached upgrade a whirl but if it
doesn't work I'll rebuild as whole root.

I'm feeling kinda crabby about this because I usually try so very hard
to stay with vanilla, standard, supported configurations, everything
in its place in case I get hit by a bus. Removing /usr from the set
just didn't feel like it was going to be a big problem...

thanks again
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