ольга крыжановская writes:
> What are the commands to create a zone where root in the zone can
> write to /sbin and /usr and modify files without affecting the global
> zone, please? I need the commands and have only handy Internet access
> here and cannot search doc.sun.com.
> Help would be appreciated.

If you're using S10 or SXCE, use "man zonecfg" and read the section on
"Whole Root Zones."  The supported way to do this is:

        remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/lib
        remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/platform
        remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/sbin
        remove inherit-pkg-dir dir=/usr

("create -b" is simpler and has essentially the same effect, but isn't
supported because it removes all inherited directories, and if we were
ever to add more directories, it may remove ones that shouldn't be

If you're using OpenSolaris, I think you shouldn't be having that

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