bob netherton writes:
>    zonecfg create starts off with 
> /etc/zones/SUNWdefault.xml
> as your starting configuration and includes the set of inherit-pkg-dir 
> directories that
> you describe.   zonecfg create -b starts off with 
> /etc/zones/SUNWblank.xml which is
> pretty much what it says, a blank configuration. 

With "-b", it starts off with a blank configuration.  That will have
no inherited directories at all.  The System V packaging code, though,
knows only about the four special inherited directories (/lib,
/platform, /sbin, and /usr).  Those are the only ones that should be
added and/or removed to change from whole root to sparse root.

It's possible (though unlikely) that there could be things added to
SUNWdefault.xml in the future that are intentionally not added to the
"blank" template, and you'd thus end up with something not quite
expected by using "-b".

(I'm pretty sure this issue was discussed during one of the original
Zones packaging tools ARC cases.)

(I just noticed that the man page says "/bin" instead of "/usr".

>  I'm trying to 
> understand your
> caution against the use of -b not being supported.   To me it seems more 
> safe
> than relying on removing 4 fixed inherit-pkg-dirs which we might change 
> in the
> future, although at this point certainly seems unlikely.

Agreed; it is in fact very unlikely to change.  And "-b" is currently

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