Bernd Schemmer writes:
> I'm running OpenSolaris on a T61p with 64 Bit CPUs. Sometimes I need a 
> 32 Bit OpenSolaris instance (e.g. to compile 32 Bit binaries without 
> changing the make files). I can do this with either rebooting into 32 
> Bit or within a VirtualBox  /QEMU virtual machine but it would be more 
> elegant to use Zones for this task.
> Can this be done (I did not find a solution in the docs ...)?

I'm not sure it makes sense.  First of all, individual processes are
either 32-bit or 64-bit.  It's perfectly normal to run 32-bit
processes on a 64-bit kernel, and to run them side-by-side with 64-bit

Secondly, it's the kernel itself that's uniquely either 32-bit or
64-bit on a given system.  There's only one kernel for all of the
zones, so there's no way to run a 32-bit kernel for just one zone.

In fact, we generally build our 32-bit kernels and user space on
64-bit systems.  Building there works fine; special 32-bit systems
aren't needed (and aren't even possible with SPARC).

What exactly are you trying to do, and why won't it work on a regular
64-bit kernel?  Do you just want to limit the output of 'isainfo', or
is there something more to it?

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