Bernd Schemmer writes:
> >>hat exactly are you trying to do, and why won't it work on a regular
> >>64-bit kernel?  Do you just want to limit the output of 'isainfo', or
> >>is there something more to it?
> Exactly -- ...  The problem occured while I was creating a package for 
> the new QEMU version. That package should contain the 64 bit binaries 
> and the 32  bit binaries.  The configure script for QEMU uses isainfo to 
> decide what kind of binaries to build.
> I can simply change the configure script but then I've to do this for 
> every new version .... or I can write a wrapper for isainfo (that's what 
> I did).

The first thing I'd recommend would be fixing the configure script so
that it knows that "amd64 i386" means that you can build *both* and
not just one.

Failing that, putting a wrapper on isainfo is what I'd recommend.  If
you want to get really fancy about it, you could create a file like

cat > /export/home/myisainfo <<EOF
echo i386
chmod +x /export/home/myisainfo
mount -F lofs /export/home/myisainfo /usr/bin/isainfo

For bonus points, you could add the 'lofs' mount to a zone's
configuration so that it always reports i386.  (And since it's
'mount', the trick will work with a sparse root zone.)

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