>I'm running OpenSolaris on a T61p with 64 Bit CPUs. Sometimes I need a 
>32 Bit OpenSolaris instance (e.g. to compile 32 Bit binaries without 
>changing the make files). I can do this with either rebooting into 32 
>Bit or within a VirtualBox  /QEMU virtual machine but it would be more 
>elegant to use Zones for this task.

You mean you reconfigure with "configure"?  Which compiler changes the 
output binary depending on the isainfo?  I don't remember.

>Can this be done (I did not find a solution in the docs ...)?

Edit your grub menu and add a 32 bit.

>If not, will this be possible whith the new Solaris 10 Brand?

Not that I know off (as /proc will still be 64 bit); perhaps you only need 
to change what isaexec returns (and you could possibly use that with a 


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