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Steffen Weiberle wrote:
On 08/18/09 13:58, Robert Hartzell wrote:
I have a host that's on two subnets: (all external facing services through a firewall) (internal lan)
I wish to move my external services into zones (dns, smtp, webstack) but am having problems which I believe are caused by routing issues. In the global zone 2 nics are assigned the address & So I create a vnic on the subnet and then a zone, only one problem, no route out of the subnet.

Shared or Exclusive IP Instance? I imagine exclusive, since you created a VNIC, although one does not require the other.

In this instance it's an exclusive ip instance but I have tried with a shared instance also, which produced the same results.

 > I believe this would be fixed by
enabling ipv4-routing & ipv4-forwarding  so I try:

Forwarding is only required if you want to move IP datagrams through the system, in one data link, out another.

Thanks for that info.

# routeadm -e ipv4-routing
Pattern 'route:default' doesn't match any instances

I believe that would be fixed by "pkg install SUNWroute", which of course I can't do because there is no route out...

I guess that has routing daemon(s) in it?

Path out is different than routing. Can you set a default route (this will depend on shared vs. exclusive IP

the default route on my internal network is but this is

I thought this was an IP address in the global zone?

unreachable from inside the zone. I can set /etc/defaultrouter to and then I'm able to ping on both subnets but not the internet.

How many ways do you have to get to the internet? I hope two, since will need one.

I am not able to picture your setup, however, take a look at
http://blogs.sun.com/carlson/entry/packets_out_of_the_wrong and

traceroute is useful to see which interface is being picked by IP.

Since you are using VNIC, you could create a separate router zone, if you only have one router to the internet. see http://blogs.sun.com/sunay/entry/network_in_a_box_creating

Any thoughts on how I can fix this or if I'm even on the right track.

I don't know enough about your setup to figure it out.

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