On 08/19/09 17:25, Robert Hartzell wrote:
You have given me much to think about ;). I'm going to set up a test system this weekend and see what I can screw up... If I can find a reasonable solution for this I will ping the list and post a howto on my wiki.

again, thanks for helping out.

You are welcome. One other thing has come up, and I might have to try this myself...

When you create more than one VNIC on top of a NIC, a virtual switch is created, so that the VNICs can communicate with one another. (The ethernet spec does not allow you to transmit a frame that is destined to you, and if one VNIC user is sending to another, it must stay within the system to not violate the spec.)

It gets interested since the global zone also is on that NIC, and traffic between the global interface (your nic1) and the VNICs must not go on the wire, for the above reason. However, I don't know that the physical NIC is 'seen' as a member of the switch. (This is good for security reason as well, it seems to me, except in situations like what you are setting up.)

I will have to try it myself when I get done doing some VLAN over aggregation stuff.

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