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> Hello,
> I use sysidcfg to configure my zone.  However, during configuration, the root 
> password gives a syntax error.  The password I use in the sysidcfg is the 
> encrypted version of abc123.  I don't know why it doesn't like it.  Let me 
> walk you through my zone creation process.  Maybe somebody can tell me what I 
> am doing wrong... (By the way, this is an exclusive IP zone)
> 1) Install the zone
> 2) Make the zone ready (zoneadm -z zone1 ready)
> 3) Copy the below sysidcfg to the root/etc/ directory

What are the permissions on the sysidcfg file?  I think that it needs
to be such that it is not readable by non-root users?  Try:

chown root sysidcfg
chmod 400 sysidcfg

Mike Gerdts
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