you need three commands:

to configuration a zone, see example 1 in zonecfg(1m).  the only required
parameter is "zonepath", so in the simplist case (a zone with no
networking) just set that.

then use zoneadm(1m) to install and boot the zone:
        zoneadm -z <zonename> install
        zoneadm -z <zonename> boot

to get the console of the zone and do login to the zone:
        zlogin -C <zonename>
        zlogin <zonename>


On Wed, Sep 09, 2009 at 10:03:39PM -0700, Suraj Sankar wrote:
> Hi Kevin/All,
> i am pretty new to open solaris.Could anyone help me with the step by step 
> installation of zones on open solaris 2009.06.
> Any help will be highly appreciated..
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