On 07/27/10 01:06 PM, Edward Pilatowicz wrote:
On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 10:54:24PM -0700, Sunay Tripathi wrote:

I think we had discussed allowing a ipkg brand zone to be installed
without a network i.e. going to a repo if I already have a installed

offline zone install is not available today.  there is a bug for this
and we will have it someday:

1947 Offline zone creation is impossible

Ah. Although it seems like its labeled an RFE but this is a
regression from earlier native zones where one could create
zone on his laptop while sitting on a beach. Now I am just
a developer but for most large data center managers, each
machine needing to go to a repo to create a zone is going
to put them in a very bad mood ;^) I would suggest upping
the priority on that ...

system running. Can someone tell the correct options? I am trying
the -d option but that fails ...
# zoneadm -z test install -d /
pkg list: no packages matching 'entire' installed
you must specify -u (sys-unconfig) or -p (preserve identity).
brand-specific usage:
         install {-a archive|-d path} {-p|-u} [-s|-v]

since you don't have entire installed it's not possible to install valid
zones (even if you have an accessible repo).  there is a bug on this:

16568 zoneadm install can create out of sync zones if entire has been removed

OK. If you address this at least, its a good start.

i'd recommend that you install zones before running onu.

The attach -u after onu still fails although I haven't tried
to debug that.

i'd also strongly recommend running recent builds.  if your running
older builds then lots of stuff will be broken.

Thats what got me here in the first place :)



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