I was testing of migrating  the solaris10 zone to solaris 11 express zone. I 
used cpio to create the archive with following syntax 

#find db_zone -print | cpio -oP@ | gzip >/swdump/ovpidb_zone.cpio.gz 

Then i created a solaris10 brand zone on the Solaris 11 environment and tried 
to attach the zone but i got following error.


 zoneadm  -z s10zone1 attach -a /home/vneb/ovpidb_zone.cpio.gz
Log File: /var/tmp/s10zone1.attach_log.oFaavh

ERROR: The image was created with an incompatible libc.so.1 hwcap lofs mount.
       The zone will not boot on this platform.  See the zone's
       documentation for the recommended way to create the archive.

I 'm moving solaris 10u8 zone from M5000 to a Ldom2.0 Solaris11 express
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